Hologram Embossing

Hologram embossing

Hologram embossing is a kind of printing process where by means of high pressure and temperature micro-relief from Work nickel shim transforms to base materials.


In security holography base materials are special multi layer foils. Thin nickel replica is used to press surface pattern from Work shim into a plastic foil


Automatic tension control on unwinding and re winging
Automatic control of between-frames distance
Automatic web-guiding
Automatic heating control
Pneumatic core holders
Splice detector


Maximum web processing speed
30 m/min
Maximum roll width
300 mm
Maximum roll diameter
450 mm
Foil thickness
12-100 mic
Electrical supply
220 V, 6 КW
Air supply
6 МPa
750 кg
200/75/130 сm

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