Hologram Embossing for security holograms

Hologram embossing is base operation in the mass security holograms production chain. This process differ holographic production from standard printing processes.

Printing machines in mass holograms production  are reel-to-reel equipment that use printing nickel forms and high pressure and temperature to print the holograms. The process is called Hologram embossing.


hologram embossing


The embossing (printing) machines transfer the micro-relief  created by Master origination to special materials.  Thin nickel replica is used to press surface pattern from Work shim into a plastic foil. No ink is used, only temperature and pressure.

Embossed foil then is used to produce different holographic products.

Embossing rolls

hologram embossingDuring the long-chain holograms production process, the quality of the holographic products depend of several key factors. One of them is quality of the embossing cylinders. Even having the best holographic master in the world and highest quality working shims, you can lose the brightness and visibility of the images after the embossing. Do not save money at the cost of quality!

Frequency asked question is: Which kind of rolls to order, hard or soft? The answer is: The both. Sometimes is reasonable soft, in other situation hard embossing.

Hard embossing rolls

In spite of the many advantages of the soft rolls, the hard ones are still in use in optical embossing. Some kind of origination, give not very good printable relief. In this cases the hard cylinders better transfer the image data from nickel shim to substrate.

hologram embossing
Embossing roll

Made from special, high-carbon, high-chromium tool steel, hard rolls possessing extremely high wear resisting properties. After air hardening we use high-precision grinding equipment for optical-quality surface and close-tolerance dimensions. Cylindrical deviation after finishing is within 1 micron.

Soft embossing rolls

They are also steel rolls, but have special plastic cover with unique mechanical properties. Combination of hardness and compliance provides the quality of hard with the versatility of soft embossing.

hologram embossing
Compliant VESPEL roll

Features and advantages:
Temperature range up to 550°F/288°C
Much easier for maintenance
Much longer life of the working shims and the die roll
Using of flat embossing shims
Wide printing area

Grinding machine

Manufacturing capability

Any type of rolls, hard or compliant
Standard, for our Embossing machine
Custom, according customer drawings
Length up to 1500 mm and weight 250 kg