Welcome to our web site about holograms and holographic equipment!

Holo East Ltd. was established in the year 2000. Our head-quarter is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company has specialized in optical embossing. Our strategy is developing of new products and technologies in two directions:

Holographic Equipment
Hologram Origination

The current web site presents mainly our equipment.

We have own origination studio. To learn about our technology for synthesizing and recording of Diffractive Optical Elements, called LIDOGRAM, please visit our web site www.lidogram.com

Our main partner in security printing is company Demax Holograms Plc


HoloEast ltd., Demax, 1138 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel.:+359 2 9307641, Fax:+359 2 9307643

www.holoeast.com – holographic equipment

www.lidogram.com – holograms

www.demax-holograms.com – security printing