Drying system

coating equipment

Hot Air Drying System

The system prepares inlet air for the main drying process. The airflow is filtered, heated and distributed to Drying chambers. Possible are up to 4 Drying channels. Exhaust Fan collects the outgoing evaporations from the Dryers and sends them to the atmosphere. The automatic PID controllers sustain constant temperature in the Drying units.

The equipment includes all necessary parts of structure for the drying process:

Air Supply Blower (pos. 1) prepares high pressure air flow;
Electric heaters (pos 2, 3) heat the air up to the working temperature;
Drying Units (Pos.7, 8) realize the main process;
Hot air proof hose distribute the air flow;
Exhaust Fan (Pos.4) aspirates the system;
Control Panel (pos 5) manages Switch on/off, Automatic temperature control, Emergency Stop.

drying systemhot air drying