Foil unwind & rewind system

Coating Systems for adhesive foils

The Foil unwind-rewind system is placed in Work (Hazardous) area together with the Coating unit and the Drying chambers. Stainless steel & Aluminum construction could be custom build for any applications. The system is equipped with flameproof electrical equipment. The actuating devices and mechanisms have dust-ignition-proof construction. Control panel manages the web speed, the web tension control, the NIP air pressure, the coating parameters, emergency stop. The main substrate can be embossed holographic material or siliconized paper or foil. The coating unit applies thermo-reactive or pressure sensitive adhesive, other sub-layers. The web passes through coating unit and drying chambers. The two NIP units provide exact tension during the coating and drying. The system can be equipped with additional options, like web-guiding and slitting modules

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